What Impressed Nayanthara?

nayanataara bigA high profile actress, currently working with Jeyam Ravi on ‘Thani Oruvan’, Udhayanidhi on ‘Nanbenda’ and a project, each with Suriya and Simbu, Nayanthara has a tightly packed calendar.
However, when approached by Ashwin Saravanan, she readily nodded. Surprisingly, it’s a small budget movie! So what is it that impressed Nayan?
Ashwin is gearing up for his launch with the project tentatively titled ‘Night Show’. It is about a woman and her relationship with a little girl. And as the title suggests, the film belongs in the horror genre, and it is the story, that is said to have impressed Nayan for a nod.
The film, Ashwin promises, will be a very different horror subject. Aari of ‘Nendunchalai’ fame plays the lead actor in the film.

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