Thala-Thalapathy Fans Clash!

vijayajithIt was MGR-Sivaji fans in the classic era, Rajini-Kamal fans in the eighties and nineties and in the new millennium, it is undoubtedly Vijay and Ajith fans, who never miss out any opportunity to get into an argument on whose Idol is the best.
In the upcoming movie ‘Kangaroo’ by controversial director Saamy of ‘Uyir’, ‘Mirugam’ and ‘SindhuSamaveli’ fame has written the heroine Varsha’s character as a Thalapathy fan and the hero’s sister Sripriyanka’s character as a Thala fan.
There is a five minute scene in which both the girls sing praises of Thala and Thalapathy and have a heated argument on who is the best. ‘Kangaroo’ is planned as an April 10th release.

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