Tamannaah has no time to fall in love



Tamannaah, who is managing to balance her Hindi, Telugu and Tamil film commitments in an admirable manner, hasn’t been caught in many controversies. Except for her alleged link-up with Karthi, her co-star in successful films such as Paiyaa and Siruthai, Tamannaah has managed to keep her name out of controversies.

Speaking recently to newsmen, Tamannaah said that she was lucky that her name was not being dragged in many controversies. “It is not a planned campaign or a conscious effort by me to keep away from controversies; I just do my work and carry on with my other responsibilities. In fact, I seldom get time to read newspapers or magazines and look specifically for rumours about me,” she says smilingly.
“Where do I have the time to fall in love with my co-star or anybody else? As an actress, I only get to meet and move around with film industry-related folks and very rarely get to meet people outside the industry and even lesser time to study and analyze them.
My concentration is wholly foucssed on cinema and I feel I have changed a lot on the positive side thanks to my stint in films.
“It’s a tough ask to be popular and still expect not to be criticized or commented upon; thankfully, there haven’t been many criticisms about me,” concludes the ‘milky beauty’.

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