I will not marry a foreigner: Actress Kajal Aggarwal



There are rumours that actresses have fallen in love with foreigners and are roaming with them. Some of the actresses get married to NRIs who are in high position and settle down in foreign countries. They also quit acting.

After that there is no information about them. Kajal Aggarwal is a different person. She is averse to get married to a foreigner. She while speaking said, “I don’t like foreign bridegrooms. I have not dated with them. I am an Indian girl. I will marry only an Indian. Foreigners drown themselves in clubs and pubs.
They do not know our culture. They also do not know about our life style. If you marry a person like that, there will be no happiness. Hence I don’t like a foreigner and I will never fall in love with them.”
Kajal Aggarwal is currently pairing with Dhanush in the film titled Maari. She has one Tamil film and two Hindi films in her hands. It is understood that Kajal Aggarwal will get married by end of this year. Her parents are in search of a suitable alliance for her.”

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