How does Sivakarthikeyan treat Seniors?

vivek_sivakarthikeyan_MIn the film industry most newcomers put on attitudes immediately after making it big and many senior actors complain that they are shown little respect when working as co-stars or when they happen to meet publicly. But rising star Sivakarthikeyan is one actor who has his feet firmly on the ground even after reaching phenomenal heights.

Comedian Vivek is the hero of a new film ‘PaalakkaatuMadhavan’ with Sonia Agarwal as his pair and for the audio launch, which is to take place in a few days the ace comedian wished to have Sivakarthikeyan as chief guest and hesitantly sent the ‘Rajini Murugan’ star an SMS request.

Siva responded immediately by calling Vivekh and telling him that he is a huge fan of Vivek’s satires against superstition and will definitely make it on any date that is fixed. Sivakarthikeyan’s respectful gesture has moved Vivek immensely. and is on the look out to sign a Tamil film soon.

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